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Is the little hidden refuge.
The one that makes you forget reality.
A place cut off from the world where you can enjoy
your present moment. We live in a small country where
the mountains, skiing and biking are a huge part of our way of life
and we try and demonstrate it through our products.
A simple style, sporty, natural. It all started in 2018,
when we released a range of watches. Then,
in January 2020,we’ve decided to throw ourselves
into the world of textile. For our production we’ve decided to
base ourselves in Europe, in Portugal. We ensured that
our production would be environmental friendly
and respect all working conditions. This was not just because
it’s becoming more common to do so, but because we simply always
thought that it was an essential and obvious thing to do.
We find ways to take care of our planet by using organic tissue.
Times are changing and we all need to contribute to this global issue;
an issue that is close to our hearts and that we take very seriously.
We try to prove that simplicity is compatible with elegance.
It is this meticulous and passionate side that makes
our products what they are.